Mythic Delirium 20

Within the 10th Anniversary Issue of Mythic Delirium, not one single poem disappoints. Mike Allen has put together a stellar line-up of work from both regulars and new voices in the field. The feature of this issue is a poem by Neil Gaiman, an eerie and haunting contribution that sends cold shivers down the spine. Neil is best known for, well, everything he’s ever done, including Stardust (I refer here to the timeless graphic novel with illustrations by Charles Vess), Coraline and his recent The Graveyard Book.

Neil’s poem is not all Mythic Delirium has to offer, of course. As usual, Sonya Taaffe puts words together like diamonds on a beach, carefully choosing each for its lustre and shape. Erin Hoffman works a fairy tale into a brutal collection of stanzas, Darrell Schweitzer amuses while Catherine Knutsson brings tears to the eye. Danny Adams and Holly Dworkin Cooley give glimpses into the loneliness and fickleness of gods. Amal El-Mohtar and Jessica Paige Wick join forces in a brilliant duet between Apple Jack and Maidy Lac that is a testament to the power of obstinance and wit when dealing with a tricksy fairy. There is more, so much more, in this issue to love.

Issue 20 is, without a doubt, Mike’s mythic masterwork. What are these beautiful poems about, you ask? You’ll have to order your own copy of Mythic Delirium to see what the fuss is about.