Jun 252009

Daniel A. Rabuzzi, previous contributor to Cabinet fes Fées, has interviewed me on his new(ish) blog, Lobster and Canary. The blog itself is definitely worth reading, and Daniel’s questions were some of the most interesting I’ve ever been asked. One of the things he wondered was “what do you see as some of the true magic current and upcoming in fantasy and spec fic?”

I could have listed authors and titles, but I chose a more general approach. Part of my response was that “the true magic I am seeing is in the way authors today are embracing new media and using it to create methods of storytelling unheard of before the internet changed our lives.” I give you now a perfect example of what I mean.

According to the author, Catherynne M. Valente, “This is a book about a little girl named September who gets herself a ticket to Fairyland on the back of The Green Wind and a somewhat cranky Leopard. There she discovers the realm of the capricious Marquess and the dangers of the Perverse and Perilous Sea.”

In The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making, we get to watch as the novel unfolds with another chapter going online every Monday. Not only is there magic in the story, but it also shows in the way authors are using the “cyberfunded” approach to creativity, which to my mind is a form of creativity in itself.

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