Sep 302010

It is good to know sometimes
that even apple trees will seize to bear fruit
with age
and that those fancy, shiny, glassy
ballroom shoes will crack and break
and leave bare feet behind

That all the frogs hit walls
is good to know sometimes
and that with a loud thud
they shed their wettish croak-skin

That ovens burn hot
yet that the fire fades to ambers
then to ashes
is good to know
ballroom shoes crack when they cool
and so free those feet from their shackles

It’s good to know sometimes
that poison fades as apples wither
and curses are broken in due time
that names are found lying by the fire
and children who were lost
return unharmed–sometimes

Alexandra Seidel is certain that being an author is the best excuse for daydreaming and staying up very late. Some of her daydreams, usually caught on paper in the small hours of the morning, have appeared or are forthcoming in Sybil’s Garage, Scheherezade’s Bequest, Star*Line and others. Take a look at Alexandra’s blog here:

Image: Landscape With Apple Tree, Levi Wells Prentice, c.1890.

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