Good Things Come in Threes

And we have three good things to announce today. The first thing we have to share is the long-awaited release of our third issue in print. This is the last issue of the first volume, published by Prime Books. With cover art by Charles Vess and twelve short stories by some of today’s finest authors in the fantasy genre, we’re sure there will be something about this issue to delight you. Please visit Cabinet des Fées 3 for more information and to order a copy for yourself.

The second announcement we have to make is that this will not be our final issue in print. Helen and I have decided to continue the publication of our print issue and we are working out the guidelines now. We are not yet open for submissions for the first issue of Volume 2, but we will let you know when we are ready to begin reading. Scheherezade’s Bequest will continue on as usual and those guidelines remain unchanged.

Third, if you’ve come from the old site, welcome to the new! (If you’ve not come from the old site, welcome anyway!) For five years Cabinet des Fées has been online in one fashion or another. Recently, we decided to wipe off the dust and shake out the curtains and the result was a new domain as well as a new look. We hope you’ll take the time to explore the new site and let us know how it works for you.

So, good things are here and we have good things yet to come. We hope everyone enjoys the new site, and will come by to visit us again.

Be well!