May 192010

Cabinet des Fées: A Fairy Tale Journal
Volume 1, Issue 3
Edited by Helen Pilinovsky & Erzebet YellowBoy
Prime Books, 2010
116 pages

Table of Contents

Just Like Your Grandfather by Bret Fetzer
Blackberries by Helen Ogden
The Woman of Ebonstone Hill by Marcie Tentchoff
Crossroads by Kim Kofmel
Bricks by Rebecca W. Day
The Underground by Veronica Schanoes
The Winter Bear by Caitlyn Paxson
The Rock Climber by LuviaJane Swanson
The Flavor of a Life by Virginia M. Mohlere
Lily by Catherine Knutsson
Dark of the Moon by M. Lynn Johnson
The Scraps We Make Do With by Patricia Russo

Fairy godmothers, mysterious helpers, dangerous friends and uncanny old men, lovers found and lost—the third issue of Cabinet des Fées has them all. Fairy tales span all genres; you’ll be horrified, amused, saddened and delighted by the stories inside as twelve authors share tales of magic, wonder and woe. We also take a look at commercialised passivity, and how the field’s own fairy godmothers have turned the straw of commodified fairy tales into gold by returning the powerful heroines of the original tales to their rightful place.

In our editorial, Fairy Godmothers in Fairy Tales, Fairy Godmothers of Fairy Tales, we look at how the image of the fairy godmother has shifted throughout the years from a powerful figure to one of fanciful incompetence—and back again, and dedicate this issue two of the women who are responsible for that change.

Cover art graciously provided by Charles Vess.

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