Apr 212014
Away With The Fairies

From woodland glades to rocky hills, Fairies come in many sizes and types. The Spriggans, Pixies, Piskies, Sidhe (pronounced “shee”), Good Folk and Fae suffer a welter of differing reports. Some say they are not to be trusted, others that they never lie. Some are tall others tiny. Some bestow great riches and others steal

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Smith of Smiths

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Nov 152011

Just before writing this months Folk Tales Corner I was out putting up posters for the Underworld Journeys show in my local village of Morchard Bishop and would like to thank our blacksmiths for such a well kept notice board. There are all sorts of smiths scattered through mythology. They are oft credited with magic

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tales which want telling

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Jul 212011

It’s July, many of you will be going on holiday, whether you are sat around a camp fire, spending evenings in tavernas or relaxing on a Mediterranean beach with delicious bread and olives, wine and good company you could find the ideal space for a story. Some years ago, on tour with Pressgang in Italy

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You have to kiss a lot of frogs…

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Jun 292011

Well, actually, no. You don’t. There really is no point at all in going round randomly kissing amphibians in the hope that they will become lovestruck royalty, and even less in killing them. All else aside, they have to be able to talk or the chances of them being a magical creature are slim, and

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For England and St. George!

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Apr 072011

I’ve been telling the tale of St. George for nearly twenty years now, it’s a rollicking tale! I always give George a nice big dragon to fight (and like any storyteller, it keeps getting bigger) partly because that is half the story and partly because, well, George makes such a meal of it. Despite the

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