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Cabinet des Fées began in 2005 as a result of our love of fairy tales, from the folktales that preceded them through the modern literary offerings by such authors as A.S. Byatt and Anne Sexton. Our current staff hails from France, and the United States. We are a global journal.

We keep our editorials and announcements and any other news we think our readers might appreciate in Our Grim(m)oire. You’ll also find Storytellers on the site, including live readings of the fantastic in literature. In Fairies and Fairy Tales you’ll find essays by respected authors, editors, scholars and other assorted personalities in the fields of fairy tales, folklore, and myth. Interviews offers just that, and in Media Reviews you’ll find a wide variety of reviews by our staff and reviewers.

The publishing venture of Cabinet des Fées has been a fluid thing over the years. Scheherezade’s Bequest (SB) began as a micro webzine, each issue offering short stories and poetry drawn from the field of fairy tales, be they old tales retold or new tales that move the tradition forward. Shortly after the first issue of SB was published, Prime Books offered us the opportunity to produce a print issue, which we did in one volume of three issues named after this website: Cabinet des Fées, a fairy tale journal (CdF). Our first two issues offered academic material as well as a collection of short stories. Our third issue was fiction only. All of the issues contain a lengthy editorial by Helen Pilinovsky and cover art by Charles Vess. Half of the profits we receive from our print publications are split between various charities.

Scheherezade’s Bequest continued to offer poetry and fiction online, and eventually changed from a “for the love” market to a paying one, until finally, in 2012, we ceased the online issues of Scheherezade’s Bequest in favor of a return to print. Our second print volume (forthcoming) will be edited by Donna Quattrone and Virginia M. Mohlere and published by Papaveria Press. We also now host the webzine Demeter’s Spicebox, edited by Nin Harris.

If you are an author, publisher or editor and have a title you’d like us to review, or if you are a blogger and would like to contribute to the site, please get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

If you have general questions about Cabinet des Fées, please see our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.


Erzebet YellowBoy: one of the founders of Cabinet des Fées. Her short stories and poems have appeared in a variety of places, most recently in Clarkesworld. Her first novel, The Bone Whistle, was released in 2007 by Juno Books, and her second, Sleeping Helena, was released in 2010 by Prime Books. In 2001 she founded Papaveria Press, a private press specializing in fairy tales and fantastic visions. When she is not writing or binding books, she plays with bones, using natural elements to reshape and revisit myth and folktales. Her portfolio can be seen here. She is our chief editor, and through Papaveria Press, our publisher, too. (Erzebet’s surname really was YellowBoy, and now it’s Carr. She still uses YellowBoy online as that’s what people know her by.)

Donna Quattrone: is a native of Bucks County, PA, where she plays with pencils and paint, wood things and words. She has several degrees in language and literature, but has slipped sideways out of academia and into the creative realm, especially those environs that focus on mythic fiction, magical realism, folklore, fairy tales and the fantastic. She is a long-time contributor to Cabinet des Fées and her work can also be found online at Mytholog, Flash Me Magazine and Les Bonne Fees. Donna collects books and black boots, drinks too much tea, practices tribal belly dance and is a late blooming garden addict. She is the editor of Scheherezade’s Bequest.

Virginia M. Mohlere: was born on one solstice, and her sister was born on the other. Her chronic writing disorder stems from early childhood. She has also been known to play with languages, yarn, metal, and the occasional bookbinding tool. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in Cabinet des Fées, Scheherazade’s Bequest, Mythic Delirium, Goblin Fruit, and Everyday Weirdness, among others. Although she has no fancy degrees in folklore, she has been described as “a walking, breathing fairy tale.” She is also the editor of Scheherezade’s Bequest.

Helen Pilinovsky: one of the founders of Cabinet des Fées. She completed her dissertation, Fantastic Émigrés: Translation and Acculturation of the Fairy Tale in a Literary Diaspora, at Columbia University. Her reviews have appeared in Marvels & Tales: the Journal of Fairy Tale Studies and in the New York Review of Science Fiction, and she has been published at the Endicott Studio for the Mythic Arts, in Realms of Fantasy magazine and in a selection of academic journals. She has guest-edited issues of the Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts and Extrapolations and was the co-editor (with Erzebet YellowBoy) of Cabinet des Fées. She now serves as our advisor.

We would also like to thank Mike Allen, editor of Mythic Delirium, Mythic and the fiction anthology Clockwork Phoenix, for his patience and assistance in designing the print issues of Cabinet des Fées, and Aria Nadii for her eternal patience in assisting us with our original WordPress installations and management.

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Meet our reviewers:

Michelle Anjirbag is a recent graduate of the University of Connecticut, an avid reader and writer, and self-proclaimed literature nerd who thinks in recursive appositives. When not circumnavigating the post-graduate waters or compulsively adding to her library, she runs, writes, dances, and works with leadership programs. Eventually, she would like to return to the academic world as a professor of English, focusing on the relationship between fairy tales and YA and children’s literature, and how the re-appropriation of stories can alter what messages readers take from the stories.

Belle DiMonté was born in 1995 into a humble mountain village, where the impressive landscape of aspens, pines, and peaks inspired the bardic fantasy novels she now writes. Aside from being the author of two poetry collections, she’s had work featured in Eternal Haunted Summer, CICADA, Danse Macabre, The Essential Herbal, and The Moon, among others. She currently co-edits fantasy ezine Into the Willows. When not writing, Belle — also known as Sparrow — enjoys studying Latin, befriending crows, and brewing tea. Visit her online at www.belledimonte.wordpress.com.

Valentina Cano is a student of classical singing who spends whatever free time she has either reading or writing. She also takes care of a multitude of animals, including her seven fierce snakes. Her poetry has appeared in such journals as Theory Train, Magnolia’s Press, Cartier Street Press, Berg Gasse 19, A Handful of Dust, The Scarlet Sound, The Adroit Journal. You can find her at http://carabosseslibrary.blogspot.com

Andrea Janes is a native of Canada now living in New York City, where she spends most of her time seeking out pine trees, snow, and maple syrup, Andrea writes ghost stories and dark fairy tales. She loves to read anything with an amoral twist, and despises fables where good, humble, hardworking girls are rewarded. She is obsessed with dreams, monkeys, rare diseases, and slapstick. Her writing can be found on flashesinthedark.com and Golden Visions magazine (forthcoming), as well as on her blog, http://bourbonandtea.blogspot.com.

Amal El-Mohtar is a Canadian-born child of the Mediterranean, and would have you believe that her longing for fruit in all seasons is in no way the result of her having compromised her virtue with goblin men. She’s currently pursuing a PhD in English at the Cornwall campus of the University of Exeter, where, curled up in her tiny flat above a wine bar, she drinks copious amounts of tea, plays harp, and reads books. She also co-edits Goblin Fruit, an online quarterly devoted to fantastical poetry, with partner-in-crime Jessica P. Wick, and keeps a log of her day-to-day doings on her Livejournal.

B. Haro was born and raised among the Lost Children of Rockdale County. Reformed English major from Emory University who has seen the pale light of the stacks; subsequently seduced into an MLIS program at Pitt, where he will study Archives. Semi-professional obsessive used book hoarder. Indiscriminate reader of neglected and forgotten authors, with a bent toward magically speculative existential fiction. Stepfather to two special needs dogs. An avid daydreamer & ardent procrastinator, he often hankers for orange juice & a more nuanced understanding of the Tipitaka.

Laurie Thayer is a writer and a reviewer. Her reviews have appeared online at Rambles.net where she is a staff writer/assistant editor. She spent her childhood searching for magic rings under rocks and fairies under flowers and behind trees. She now lives in western NY in an area sometimes referred to as the Enchanted Mountains with her husband, three cats, and a sixteen-legged burglar alarm (four big dogs).

Tanya Bresinsky Avakian was born on September 24, 1968 in Mesa, Arizona. Her parents, a mathematician and a librarian, came from Germany, with some Swedish and Estonian blood for which she blames her disposition. She moved with her parents to Bangor, Maine when she was six months old, and lived there for the next twenty years. Until she was six years old, she lived next door to Stephen King, who wasn’t famous yet. She obtained degrees in history and religious studies from the University of Maine and Boston University, respectively, after which she got a degree in library science from the University of Oklahoma. She has lived in Boston, Nantucket, and Wilmington, Delaware, and worked in many science-related and rare books collections. Her first word, in German, was “squirrel.” Make of that what you will. She is currently working on a novel that has been in her care since the Black Death, and hopes to have it finished before the next millennium. She is married to a physicist and finds science to contain much of the folklore of the present day, but isn’t yet sure she’s seen William Hale’s elf.

Navah Wolfe was born and raised in New York. She works in children’s publishing as an editorial assistant at a major publishing house. In the past, she has worked in a veterinary clinic of a zoo, in an independent children’s bookstore, and on a rock climbing wall. She loves fairy tale tropes, Richard III, pennywhistling, Shakespeare, and beautiful weather. Lynette lives in Connecticut with her husband, an imaginary cat, and two stuffed walruses.

Deborah J. Brannon: jack of all trades, master of none, though ofttimes better than master of one. By day, she works on her Masters in English Literature at Georgia State University, developing a rhetoric for American mythology and exploring fairy tales along the way. By night and day, she writes fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. Her work has appeared in Scheherezade’s Bequest, The Pedestal Magazine, and on her website, while reviews she has written have appeared at Green Man Review and Cabinet des Fées. In her (seemingly fictional) time off, she dabbles in photography and is a fledgling jewelry-maker. She lives in Kennesaw, Georgia, with her personal historian-cum-husband and two singular cats.

Cabinet des Fées is a production of Papaveria Press. All content on this site is copyright © the individual authors and artists except when it falls in the public domain. The ads you will see scattered through this website are from our sponsors. I wouldn’t advise contacting the trolls.

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