Demeter’s Spicebox


Demeter’s Spicebox has moved! “The microzine is now known as Delinquent’s Spice, to suit the evolution of this venue for hypertext fiction. However, DS remains true to its core ethos — to be a boundary-challenging venue for the retelling/re-envisioning of lesser-known folktale and fairytale variants.”

Please visit Delinquent’s Spice, where you can find the first three issues originally hosted here.

Spice Market in Istanbul, Turkey, by Graham BouldDemeter’s Spicebox is a CdF micro-publication that focuses on hybridising lesser known folk and fairy-tale types. These tales are connected to each other, thus creating the basis for the hypertext fairytale project. Each issue will feature an article and two stories, although some issues may feature both poetry and fiction, depending on the season or issue. Each issue features a single folk/fairytale type.

We ask for creative revisions of said type that remains true to the essence of the tale — if you read the stories that have been accepted you will notice that each writer has managed to incorporate the prompts creatively within their retellings of each story, and that each story connects well to the previous tale. We are not looking for loose, barely-there interpretations which feature just a single motif or element from the tale. The featured folk/fairytale type IS the highlight of each issue.

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