Wolf, Musing by Donna Quattrone

Wasn’t it thoughtful
Of your mama
To make such a pretty
Red cap.

I can see you strolling
Through meadow and trees;
Down path well trodden,
You come singing,
Knowing I await you.

We start off the same way;
“Once upon a time,”
And then, after few moments of polite chit-chat,
Off I dash to Grandmother’s house.
I have to get there first, of course.

Her dressing gown rips
When I pull it over my head,
But the silk and lace
Still feel ever so delicious
Against my hairy skin.

The sweet-smelling sheets
Hug my thighs tenderly
As I crawl under the covers.
The sleeping cap’s ribbon
Tickles my chin.

Is it any wonder I am smiling?
Oh yes; now I am ready for you.
You don’t hesitate at the door,
I notice,
Not even for a second.

I watch
As you pretend reluctance
While removing your clothes;
Shedding piece by piece, slowly,
Prompted by my practiced falsetto.

You slide into bed,
Lips parted, nipples hard,
Still feigning innocence.
And all I can think is,
What fine bedfellows we make.

Donna Quattrone is a previous contributor to Cabinet des Fées. She is a native of Bucks County, PA, where she plays with pencils and paint, wood things and words. Her muses often lead her down the path to an otherworld shaped by mythic fiction and fairy tale poetry, zoomorphic triskeles and knotwork that has no end.

Image from a 1888 Edition of the Grimms’ Kinder- und Hausmärchen