Lord Feintheart by Kirsty Logan

he prowls, primps,
wipes his fingerprints
on the glowing buttons of the jukebox.
new flesh, and

propping up the bar: hair tousled, boots
pointed, cigarettes bulking his pocket.
smoking kills, but so
do his cheekbones
in the light of a shared match.

his pretty words are a breadcrumb trail

Lord Feintheart, long may he rain.


BIO: Kirsty Logan won her first literary contest at the age of eight, and has been going mostly downhill ever since. She is currently a writer, editor, teacher, waitress, and general layabout. Her short fiction and poetry are upcoming in PANK, Polluto, Popshot, and some other places that don’t begin with P. She lives in Glasgow with her girlfriend. Visit her website at kirstylogan.com.

IMAGE: A page from Richard Brathwait’s book that displays the qualities associated with being a gentleman., 1630