Demeter Opens her Spicebox

What does Demeter have in her box of spices? Is it the cardamom that fills our mouths with a tiny explosion of fragrance? Could it be star anise, or saffron, or thyme? We think she’ll have a little of everything in that box, but at the moment, it is empty! Every author is a “repository of abundance” and it is from that abundance that Demeter’s Spicebox hopes to draw. Think of these as fusion fairy tales, tales written in the spirit of collaboration, familiar tales given a new taste by a new chef.

Cabinet des Fées is pleased to announce the opening of Demeter’s Spicebox, with its own guidelines and a call for submissions for our inaugural issue.

Please be aware that Demeter’s Spicebox (DS) is entirely separate from Scheherezade’s Bequest. DS has its own guidelines and its own email address, so please be sure you are sending your submissions and queries to the right place. And now without further ado: Demeter’s Spicebox is open. Please join us for this story-telling adventure!